Guidelines for Facebook:

  1. Keep it simple by having one page for all of your locations. This will help with search optimization and will be much less confusing for patients.
  2. Have multiple employee’s admins for your page. This will allow more creative ideas and a quicker response time to any messages or concerns you may receive.
  3. Have a policy set in place for how to respond to complaints.
  4. Engage in conversations with your patients if they reach out and comment on a post/photo.
  5. Make sure you share an equal amount of educational, entertaining, and promotional.

What to post:

  1. Industry stories related to eye care
  2. Contests and ongoing promotions you are offering
  3. Local news that could affect your practice
  4. Photos during the Holiday or at events.
  5. Occasional reminders for annual check-ups.
  6. Patient testimonials/pictures if consent is given.
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