Social/Digital Guidelines

Digital Marketing Content Calendar

When should you post to your different social media platforms?
Each platform has a better time frame for when and how often to post. Create an account on Hootsuite (for free), which is a platform where you can create all of your social media posts. This is an easy way to schedule posts ahead of time.

Below is a timeframe for each social media platform on when is the best and worst times to post.


How often you should post in one week:
at least 4 times a week
every week day
2 times a week
as often as possible, but no more than twice a day.

Here is an example of how to create a Social Media Content Calendar to help organize your posts:


Social Media Policy
Having a social media policy at your practice is imperative. You should not allow multiple people to access your social media accounts in order to protect your practices’ reputation. This will lead to confusion, inappropriate posts, or inconsistency.
  • Designate one employee to be in charge of all social media platforms. Use one general platform such as Hootsuite to keep on top of posting and analyzing your results.
  • Don’t post content about: financial, operational, or legal issues with your practice, race, ethnicity, religion, slurs, or politics.
  • Make sure your employees aren’t posting negatively about your practice on their personal pages.
  • Respect others opinions, especially if they are saying negative comments about your practice. Acknowledge the comment or review and apologize. Ask what you can do for them to improve their experience.
Be sure to post content from credible sources before sharing with your followers.